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مرونة ولياقة

Muroona Fitness

صالة رياضية صحيةلنساء

Therapeutic Fitness Center For Women

What's Different About Us

At Muroona Fitness for Women, our Trainers and Physical Therapists provide the personal training each client needs. A SPECIALIZED personal and group exercise programs are developed to rehabilitate clients suffering from various injuries resulting from accidents and incorrect training practices, and from postural problems such as Scoliosis.

Muroona Fitness also provides training for athletes, weight lifters and health enthusiasts, focusing on proper form to maximize the benefits and avoid harming the joints.

We also provide specialized group prenatal and postnatal exercise classes with a certified pre/post natal corrective exercise specialist. 


At Muroona Fitness, we provide General Group Workout Classes such as functional training, boot camp, body pump, CrossFit training, TABATA, flexibility, HIIT, to mention just a few. 
We also offer SPECIALIZED Group Training, such as Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise Classes, Tai Chi classes for healthy Joints and general health conditions, Posture Correction, and Therapeutic Yoga


A personal trainer and Physical Therapist can help you get in shape and maintain a regular fitness routine, and can develop a Rehabilitation Exercise Program to help you overcome any injuries you may have,

including the Schroth Method for Scoliosis offered under the supervision of a trained physical therapist.



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4705 King AbdulAziz Road, Sulimaniya, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966 11 466 4380

Mobile: +966 55 345 3203

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