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Publisher: First Games InteractiveDeveloper:Talyways AppDeveloper:Talyways AppVersion: 1.0.0Nunavut: Canada’s Arctic Underground It’s the most northern place on Earth, but Nunavut, Canada’s Arctic, has never been touched by civilization. The Inuit, who live here, face a stark reality in that changing climate and environmental conditions have put pressure on their traditional hunting lands and their very way of life. But technology is bringing about change that could be a lifeline. A new book brings the story of a remarkable North. Producer: Julie Munt A map of the Arctic Ocean, showing the northern polar ice cap, the Beaufort Sea and the Mackenzie Delta. (Image credit: Nicolas Toussaint, Wikimedia Commons) With the opening of the Northwest Passage, the long voyage from Europe to the Orient by sea is no longer a feat of imagination or an adventure of the mind. It’s a reality. The sea route of the last century has become the last frontier, opening up new trade routes in our era of globalization, as the majestic passage linking the Atlantic and Pacific oceans through the far northern reaches of the North American continent plays a strategic role in the world economy. This new trans-global trade route represents the great hope for the world’s economy. To get to this point, the British explorer, Sir James Clark Ross, sailed south from the North Pole in 1831. The United States later built a sea-going ship, the USC&GS Resolute, and led the first effort to find the North Pole. But it was Canada’s Robert McClure, a young lieutenant of the Royal Navy, who discovered the North Pole on November 13, 1818. McClure’s voyage was off and running: Following in Sir John Franklin’s wake, McClure sailed into the Passage for the first time and nearly reached the North Pole before winter set in. On his return in 1819, he found Franklin’s party dead and its ships gone. McClure learned the fate of the expedition from native guides on his return journey. Robert McClure and his crew, in 1818. (Image credit: Courtesy of Archives of Ontario) The first commercial shipment of Northwest Passage goods reached Montreal in 1848. However, the American Civil War put a temporary end to the trade and the commercial development of





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CriticalDamagehacktorrent (2022)

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